Social Media Success: 6 Brands to Learn From

We all know you’ve heard this countless times by now, but we will say it again: “Every company willing to grow must be active on social media.” However, posting articles weekly or daily and answering followers and fans’ inquiries sometimes isn’t enough. What every brand wants is dominating social networking in its own way. To accomplish this, brands should behave differently and uniquely. So as a social media agency, we decided to talk to you 6 ways which made 6 successful brands on social websites:

Social Media Success 6 Brands to Learn From

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Smart response: In the last week of August 2016, Skyscanner’s Facebook accounts turned into the “talk of the town” due to an astonishing reply to among its fans. Shifting back to the narrative, among its users found a baffling proposal when checking for a flight, so he left a “sarcastic” Facebook comment wondering about their weird proposition. What happened next was definitely beyond anticipation.

Rather than apologizing for their error, Skyscanner replied to the complaining person with some smart and funny answers that accumulated, in couple of hours, tens of thousands of likes, and countless comments complementing this terrific internet win.

Impressive social media presence: With more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Airbnb isn’t only good in amassing followers, but is actually the “Best Total Instagram Presence”. This name has not been awarded by our digital agency, but by the 2016 Shorty Awards, a social media award. The cause for this recognition is the ability to make a excellent usage of Instagram’s core value by replicating interesting visual contents. When searching for a vacation home, people frequently make their mind up based on pictures. Nivea’s activities on Twitter is a excellent example. This beauty brand search for people tweeting about skin issues to be able to assist solving them with customized tips. To come across such issues, Nivea just made use of this Twitter search feature without following specific hashtags. From time to time, there’s no need to think a lot of or to devote a budget to advertise your brand, a smart move can help you get it done.

Inspiring individuals globally: Dove is another great example of a social media success, simply by attempting to make the world better. How? Every campaign is connected with a customized hashtag that allows individuals to immediately relate to the brand and also the assignment. The impact of the effort was translated into millions of folks sharing the positive and supportive message behind it.

User-Generated articles: GoPro, the cameras firm, is using a social media strategy based on user-generated content to advertise its own products. In other words, the pictures and videos are filed by the customers themselves in order to reveal their products abilities, and the experience. Based upon the users to promote GoPro merchandise makes the brand extremely interactive. In 2015, GoPro Instagram followers attained 6 million, and has been the fourth most participating brand on the social network.

Following trending news: Do not we all love Oreo? Whether using their biscuits or their social networking presence, the cookie company is doing a excellent job. All of us know how Oreo taste, so we’ll jump to their online presence. As a matter of fact, Oreo created among the most successful social networking campaigns ever. How? To celebrate their 100th birthday, Oreo produced 100 new posts on Facebook for 100 days inspired by news that is trending. Each article was shared more than 1,400 times on average fostering their participation by 195 percent and gathering over a million Facebook fans. Another great example of profiting from trending information, is that their “You can still dip in dark” live article during the Super Bowl blackout which got retweeted over 15,000 times.

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